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        Retort basket loading and unloading machine

        Process description:

        Products are transported by the conveyor, and products will be arranged automatically according to the programmed order, then the clamp will grip one layer of product and move them to the basket, and then the interlayer clamp will pick the interlayer and place it into the basket which is on the top of cans. Repeat above actions, load cans layer by layer, once the basket is full, the complete basket will be transported to the retort by chain conveyor, after sterilization, the basket will be transported to unloading system by chain conveyor, and the unloading system will move the cans to the cans conveyor layer by layer. The complete process is manless production, which will improve the production efficiency. 

        3D layout:


        PLC                                            Siemens

        Frequency converter                  Danfoss

        Photoelectric sensor                   SICK

        Motor                                         SEW

        Pneumatic component                SMC

        Low-voltage apparatus                Schneider

        Touch screen                              Schneider

        Power                                         48kw

        Voltage                                       380v

        Air consumption                         1000L/min

        Air compressor                           ≥0.6Mpa

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