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        disposable surgical face mask making machine

        1. Equipment  process flow


        2. Equipment Introduction

            It is a type of plane mask. Disposable three-layer mask is made of two layers of non-woven fabric (which is professionally used for medical treatment )and middle layer  of filter (melt-blown fabric), the middle layer is bacteria prevention up to 99%.

            The fully automatic “one-drag-two” plane mask production system realizes the automatic production of medical masks.It mainly includes material feeding roller, folding and pressing, nose rib loading, mask forming,  mask cutting, ear loop loading and welding machine, finished product material unloading and other processes, completing the entire production process from the roller of raw material to the finished mask.


        3Technical Parameters

        Finished mask specifications: adult 175*95mm

        Speed:100-110 pcs/min

        Equipment compositionThe production line of “one-drag-two” full-automatic three-layer mask making machine is composed of  mask forming machine, mask cutting machine, mask connecting line and mask external ear loop welding machine.



        Mask cutting machineUnwinding raw material- Ultrasonic composite- nose rib inserting - prepressingcomposite - folding - prepressing composite - ultrasonic composite– rolling and cutting

        Mask connecting lineThe prepared body mask is automatically transferred to the mask ear loop machine by the conveyor line.

        Mask external ear loop welding machineFeeding into the body - cutting the ear loop with fixed size - ultrasonic welding.


        5Required materials

        Non-woven external layer (175mm , GW:about 25g), PP non-woven composite fiber

        The middle layer is melt-blown nonwovens (170-175mm , GW: about 25g)

        Non-woven fabric inner layer (190-200mm ,  GW: about 25g), PP non-woven composite fiber ;

        Nose rib  PP 5.0mm*0.55mm;

        Round ear loop: diameter: 2.5-3mm; 


        6. Equipment Dimensions


        Power: AC single phase 220V or three-phase380V, 50HZ, 9KW

        Air pressure : 0.6-0.7Mpa/cm2


        7. Configuration

        Weinview touchscreen

        AIRTAC Pneumatic components


        Leadshine motor or other brands with the same configuration

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