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        Low position depalletizer

        Process description:

              Low level palletizer process is: Forklift put the empty pallet on the chain conveyor, the chain conveyor will send the empty pallet to the palletizing working station; the can conveyor send the empty cans to the arrangement mechanism, the can gripper will come to clamp the complete layer of empty cans and move them to the lifting platform, the lift platform will rise up to the top of the pallet, workers put the interlayer on the pallet; the can gripper will clamp the complete layer and move it to the top of pallet from the lifting platform, and then the platform will fall down, repeat the actions until all the cans be palletized to the pallet, at last the full pallet will be sent out  of the machine by chain conveyor, forklift take out the full pallet from the chain conveyor. 




        PLC                                              Siemens

        Frequency converter                    Danfoss

        Photoelectric sensor                        SICK

        Main driver                                      SEW

        Pneumatic                                      SMC

        Low-voltage apparatus                Schneider 

        Touch screen                               Siemens  


        Technical parameters:

        l  Speed                                         13000 cans/h

        l  Max weight/layer                         180Kg

        l  Max weight/pallet                         1200Kg

        l  Max height of pallet                      1800mm(standard type)

        l  Power                                           8.5Kw

        l  Air pressure                                   7bar

        l  Air consumption                            600L/min

        l  The suitable pallet is adjustable:     L1100-1200(mm), W1000-1100(mm), H130-180(mm)

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