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        Low position palletizer

         Packaged products (box/bag/barrel/pack) are stacked onto the empty pallet in a certain order through a series of mechanical actions, which is convenient for handling and transportation of products in bulk.

        3D effect drawing:

        Main parameters:

          Stacking speed                                 4-5 cycles / min 

          Stacking height per pallet                  box height x layers / stack

          Maximum load per layer                    150 Kg 

          Maximum load per pallet                    1500 Kg 

          Maximum stacking height                  1800mm

          Electric power                                    15.3Kw                          

          Compressed air                                  600L/min

          Air supply pressure                             0.6MPa 

          Pallet size                                            According to customers' requirements 

        Brand of main equipment:

          PLC                                                   Siemens

          Frequency converter                         Danfoss

          Photoelectric sensor                          SICK 

          Servo motor                                     Panasonic

          Pneumatic component                      SMC

          Low-voltage apparatus                      Schneider 

          Touch screen                                    Schneider/Siemens

          Driving motor                                    SEW

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