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        Wraparound case / carton packer

        Wrap around case packer machine is used for packing the bottles come out from the filling machine into cartons by wraparound way, which is good for improving the production efficiency and satisfy customer’s packaging requirements.


        Process description

        The bottles are transported by conveyor, and be inspected and arranged according to the programmed process, after finishing complete carton arrangement, the cardboard supplying mechanism will send the send the cardboard into the machine, and the bottle dropping mechanism will drop the bottles into the cardboard, and than the cardboard folding mechanism will fold the cardboard, glue it and seal it step by step. The formed the carton will be send out of the machine by the roller, which improves the production efficiency and realize full automatic manless production.

        3D effect layout:

        Main configuration:

        PLC, inverter, servo motors, motion controllers configuration are all famous international brand:

        PLC                                                               Siemens

        Frequency converter                                  Danfoss

        Photoelectric sensor                                    SICK

        Servo motor                                              Panasonic

        Pneumatic components                               SMC

        Low-voltage apparatus                            Schneider

        Touch screen                                      Schneider/Siemens

        Power                                                            10KW

        Air consumption                                       1000L/min

        Air pressure                                                0.6MPa

        Technical parameters:




            25/40/60 cartons/min

                 Total power


                 Power supply

                50HZ 380/220V


         6300x2700x2150mmWP25 model



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